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This website is about what ex-ELers have been doing since becoming ex-ELers.

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About this website
About This Website

This website is about what ex-ELers are doing since becoming ex-ELers.  It is not about our days at either Economics Laboratory or Ecolab.  The only exception regards deceased ex-ELers. 

In that spirit, all ex-ELers are invited to submit photos  --  either of yourself, or of deceased ex-ELers.  Click here to email an electronic photo.  If an electronic photo is not available, click here to get an address to which a print photo can be mailed.  Please include date and description of picture.

This website is not sponsored by Ecolab and receives no assistance from Ecolab  --  either financial or technical. 

The website manager is Jim Stach, who worked at Economics Laboratory from 1955–1983, before it became known as Ecolab. 

The name ex-ELers was chosen to include long time employees who did not officially retire from the company.

About Jim Stach


About Jim Stach

During my 28 years (1955-1983) with EL, I worked mostly in the computer center with stints in Payroll and Magnus. When I left EL, I got into management consulting, which I did for 22 years until I retired in 2005. For the first 3 years, I did computer related consulting -- then MRP (manufacturing requirements planning) consulting for another 8 years. And for the last 11 years, I did maintenance management consulting, working in truck maintenance, power generation plants, refineries, and chemical processing plants. I had clients around the US, in Canada, and in Mexico, so it was heavy travel. My wife, Cathy is also an ex-ELer (1958-1961). We live in St Paul, MN in the summer and spend our winters in Mesa, Arizona. Our three children all live in the St Paul area. -- we have ten grandchildren. Six of them are into sports, so with hockey, track, soccer, football, baseball, and lacrosse -- they keep us busy. Keep the photos and Guest Book entries coming -- it's the only way to keep this website interesting and up-to-date!
Jim Stach

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